The coalition for women professionals today marched out in solidarity with other civil society groups in protest of the gender bill that was rejected in the house.

May be a black-and-white image of 5 people and people standing

We demand the legalization of affirmative action, in line with The Beijing Declaration resolution that was adopted by the UN at the end of the Fourth World Conference on Women on 15 September 1995. The resolution was adopted to promulgate a set of principles concerning the equality of men and women.

One of those set of principles is the removal of discriminatory practices that hampers women’s participation and the introduction of action programmes as an effective policy tool.Affirmative action simply means the policy of providing opportunities to members of groups that have historically faced (or still face) discrimination.Let’s also break the internal bias of bickering, a.ssassination of character, envy, jealousy, rancour whenever we see a fellow woman step up for leadership. We must learn to support and fix each other’s crown as women, propelling and pushing for greatness togetherTogether we stand .#VUD#TheTimeIsNow#LetsBreakBiasVivian Uloma DimgbaAspirantState House Of AssemblyEzinihitte Constituency.

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