Get your PVC

The PDP E- registration platform has become a revolutionary movement and key strategy in tilting the polity.

Registering gives us better direction and clarity on our strength in numbers. If you consider yourself a part of a progressive movement, then use this link and register.

Be a part of the new movement to restore some sense of normalcy, and foster development in this country.

It’s as easy as ABC.

As soon as you complete it, send me a link or a screenshot.

Also get your pvc. There’s no other way.

Kindly complete your details for PDP membership e-Registration.

Option 1:
Click on this website:

Option 2: Complete your details manually and forward to members of the eregistration Team on

First name :
Other name:
Type in the code :
Then continue it will automatically take you to the real page

Check to ensure correctness:

First name:
Other names:
2-Date of Birth:
3-Phone number/Service provider(Airtel, MTN, Glo, etc)
4-Your passport photograph (send a passport size photograph)

5-VIN (optional)
6-The year you joined PDP
7-Your Unit

Forward details to

You will receive a completed ID card format form afterwards.

e-Registration Taskforce Imo state.

Also follow the link below, and like the page. See less

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