Where does a woman truly belong.

Vivian Emesaraonye Dimgba

Where does a woman truly belong?

What does the Constitution say about a woman’s right to participate in an elective position?

You can choose to read the constitution, or deliberately stay ignorant..You can run for a political position from your husbands’ place or your place of birth. A woman has dual citizenship. There was an amendment to the federal character commission establishment Act of 2010 and the amendment grants married women the option of choosing either their father’s or husband’s state or local government state of origin.In fact, you can run for election, in a place you’ve been resident in for at least 10 years.

You don’t have to be from there.Every other thing is just beer parlour conversation. And no party can disqualify you based on these. I have met lots of men, and so far only one person out of many has been unfortunate to point out that being married to an isuochi man could be an impediment.

And he said it like a joke. He wasn’t serious. He understood the consequences of breathing such nonsense.Information is power.

A lot has changed. And it’s still changing.You can choose to stay with the mindset that a woman belongs nowhere, and keep putting limitations on yourself.Or you can put your best foot forward for greater impact.I rest my case. #ConversationStarter#BreakingBarriers#WomenPoliticalParticipation#ChangingNarratives

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