Drawbacks of women in politics.

Vivian for House of Rep, Imo State.

One of the many impediments or drawbacks to women and political participation is the ridicule women and sometimes their husbands face.

You hear things like” no real man will let his wife get into politics.”Or “No decent woman plays politics.”So men dissuade or try to sabotage their wife’s political ambition because they cannot stand the ridicule, or risk appearing weak to other men and the society at large .

Men used to be hunters. Farmers. Gatherers. They went out there in the field to till the ground, and fend for their families through the produce the earth yields. Over the years, their role as providers have really evolved, thanks to civilization, modernization, and eventually technology. But for some reason, the role of women have remained somewhat constant; we are still stuck in the kitchen, exactly where we have been for hundreds of years.

The majority of us anyway.The problem though is because we are waiting for permission to be. There’s a reason” good women seldom make history.” Because “good women in quote, spend their entire lives waiting, striving for validation.” They sit on the fence, because they crave acceptance. There is no woman who has changed the status quo in history, that wasn’t vilified or condemned at some point. Because people hate change, especially when that change is coming from a Woman.

Politics affects us all. If we have more women speaking in position of leadership, just maybe we might eventually fix this country. There is a leadership gap amongst female folks. Less than 5 percent representation from one of Africa’s foremost country is abysmal and disgraceful.

Are we victims? Yes. Should we stay victims forever? You can do your bit today.

Start somewhere. Anywhere. Challenge the status quo.

Be loud. Be bold. Be you, phenomenal!! And if anyone should tell you that you don’t belong, just let them know you’re just getting started. Challenge the status quoParticipate.It is your right.

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